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both sides, a, again, on fox business network tonight, and throughout, keeping up the good fight, with the people who, like geraldine ferraro, regardless of where they are in the spectrum, refuse to give up at all. good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. a lot to report today. you have been told by the media and politicians alike that this theory is wrong. that there is nothing to it. pay no attention. well, that was the storyline that was churned out and rehashed by pundit after pundit and reporter after reporter for god knows how long. but as we watch the middle east and now the rest of the world catch fire and we watch the events of the day play out, well, it has to become more and more clear who is
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correct. and who is incorrect. so then the question would become wait a minute, why hasn't the incorrect side rushed? you know, all of those who rush to dismiss or discredit the view point come out now and rush out and say whoa, whoa, whoa. wow, it is really happening. what would stop them from reporting what is now the undeniable documented truth? this is important, because you will see by the end of the show that there is another agenda. another possible explanation. i think the likely explanation here is those with real power need you to be, need you to need them. to need them, you have to be uninformed. unprepared. and afraid. because the top can't come down unless the bottom demands it. they will only demand it if
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people are uninformed, unprepared and afraid. watch tomorrow's program as we delve into this a little bit with some things that you won't believe people haven't reported on. everything becomes so much clearer when you read. well, they need silence. anybody who can possibly explain the truth of what is really going on. so tonight, i want to explain the truth. i want to start a little bit on what is happening in the middle east. the uprisings in egypt and tunisia. we told you on january 31. watch tunisia. that the massive unrest that we alerted you on could be the archduke ferdinand moment. that was the trigger of world war i. nobody understood that at the time. nobody understood on january 31 that history was about to repeat itself. i believe it has. i told you on the 31 of january this might be the trigger for another great war.
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unless you were watching and really listening, open eyes and ears, you weren't getting that information. and if you weren't watching, if you were watching any other show, you certainly weren't getting it. no. it was all about cutesy little protest. and youth in the streets. we told you that is a game. what you are witnessing in the middle east is a whole world being flipped on its head. we start tonight in the middle east, but then we have to go over across the seas. let's start tonight in syria. shall we? there is total chaos. violent protesters burned cars and attack businesses. burned down government offices and attack police officers. snipers reportedly were firing on protesters killing two people in jordan, there are fears now of a civil war as violent protest escalate. the latest saw at least one protester killed. 120 others injured in bloody
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clashes with police. in yemen, it's more of the same. 110 people were killed after thugs tried to steal ammunition from a weapons plant. it blew up. yemen's president said he would make no more concessions and warn his country faces chaos soon. and called yemen, "a time bomb." in bahrain, where much of our supply lines are for our troops is now under martial law. protests are banned, protesters fired tear gas. after a prominent shiite cleric said demands for the sunni monarchy to loosen its grip on power will not be violenceed by brutal force. in libya, 1,000 people were killed before the no-fly zone was started. then the president decided to put a no-fly zone in. it's one i have never seen. never seen a no-fly zone like this before in my life. president is going on tv tonight to try to explain to america finally what we're doing there.
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that is just nine days after the bombs started. i have never seen that before. but almost every day i say to myself, gee, i would have never expected that to happen. i've never seen that before in my life. nine days. it's not war. it's the kinetic military activity. what does that mean exactly? this is how dumb the left believes their own constituency. just call it kinetic military activity and they'll be okay with it. they're right. the left seems okay with this. though secretary gates just said this. >> do you think libya posed actual or imminent threat to the united states? >> no. it was not a vital national interest to the united states. >> glenn: okay. that was the argument that then senator obama made. along with the far left before we went into iraq. they made us go through how many months saying they are not a vital national interest?
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it's blatant hypocrisy isn't enough to speak out, how about this? "jihadis that fought us the u.s. in iraq and afghanistan now enjoy american support in libya." excuse me? that means the people who we were actually shooting at on the battlefield, we now giving arms to in libya. this libya rebel commander says his fighters have al-qaeda links. we'll have more on the story at the bottom of the hour. let's see if we have this right. we have a nobel peace prize winning president, encouraging unrest in the mast. saying rise up, isn't this great? look, now people are rising up. people are getting killed everywhere. then he gave the commander to launch america's third military conflict with a muslim nation that poses no immediate threat. never made the case to the american people. and no exit strategy. no one is even asking or answering the question what
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does victory look like? chaos. the "new york times" is reporting now that the muslim brotherhood has now formed a tactic partnership with the egyptian military. oh, that seems great. and they're poised to grab control. what do you say? shirria law? no -- shiria law? no. in libya, guess who is lining up to grab power there? the muslim brotherhood. don't worry, according to our administration the muslim brotherhood is completely harmless and secular. the only one that disagrees with it seems to be their spiritual leader. [speaking foreign language]
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>> glenn: isn't that great? i'm sure he is just a grandfather, though so when he says he wants to shoot the jews from his wheelchair, i'm sure he means in a grandfatherly sort of way so the next step. well, the next step seems to be, let's see, they gather together against israel, against capitalism and overturn stability. oh, yeah, here it is. protests become contagious. they cascade, they sweep the middle east. then begin to destabilize europe. let's see if this has happened. all of the unrest that would spread to europe and eventually to america. no, no, no. that can't happen. that is a crazy conspiracy theory in europe, this weekend, well, let's take a look what happened. their biggest most violent round of protests yet. according to reports, 500,000 people showed up. while the press tried their best to label protesters as mostly peaceful, that's amazing. the video reported the anarchists throwing missiles, attacking banks, attacking
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police. smashing windows. 84 were injured. 31 police officers. and that video kind of says it's maybe not mostly peaceful. what do you think? next up is the royal wedding. the same thugs are announcing now they're planning protests there. as the government is cutting programs, will there be anything that is more angering to the people than over the top opulent royal wedding? or at least can be used against the crown. remember, the last time they surrounded prince charles and camilla, they attacked them in the car. remember this? they surrounded them and said, "off with their heads. and and they meant it. what will happen this time? i don't know. i have a pretty good idea. i read this book. it asked you now for two years. please read this book. "the coming insurrection." invisible committee. many of the people are in jail that wrote this. many of the people i'm guessing are involved in all of this stuff. the u.k. protests were led by
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the trade unions. ha! really? hmm. they gained momentum because they had, they had gotten everybody together. and then they had a new group called u.k. uncut. which is great. because look, just like in our country, unions are in bed with the politicians. if they can just, if they can spur something on, wouldn't it be great? here is our president in league with the unions now let me show you the labor party head in great britain. ed milldebrand. he's also standing with the unions and the protests. watch this. >> i think it's wrong with the government is doing they're going too far there is an alternative. they should listen. it's not just me saying it, people up and down the country are saying it, too. >> glenn: i don't know if you see the red flags in the brackground. he is in trouble today because things got so violent. the same attitude and group are coming around to our shores, which is all spelled
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out in here. i'll explain that in a second. u.k. uncut. i want to stop there. this is a nasty new little group. it's a group that is started by a 22-year-old kid who looks like somebody who would date your daughter and you'd be like totally fine with it. he wants to oppose anyone who "is ripping off this country." that includes banks or any corporation really, because they're all alike. does that sound familiar? well, i heard that language before. in the unions. quite honestly, from people like media matters as well. unions are planning that here in america. last week, we released some exclusive audio dug up by my researchers, audio of steven learner. he said unions are dead. community organizers are almost dead, too. as a result, this union organizer steven learner said we're in a moment where we need to figure out in a direction -- in more direct action, more concrete way how we really are trying to
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disrupt and create uncertainty for how corporations operate. this is weird. how very anarchist of seiu. well, they have partners in crime now. which may be literal crime. u.k. uncut. stormed a luxury grocery store with 145 people. were arrested. police said they were intent on rampage. london officials said the group was disorganized. the only time they showed any enthusiasm is when one of them shouted "the bank of america has just been attacked in america." they all cheered. the losers. the nation, which is frances fox piven's favorite media outlet i think recently did a story here. the u.k. left wing tea party. this one is the more vie lect. seeing that the tea party have never done to any grocery store what these guys did. u.k. untouched, ten-step guide to building a left wing tea party. here it is. this is a ten-step guide on
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how to launch a u.s. version. of those guys. guess what? people listen. now there are u.s. uncut groups popping up in the united states. kind of the anti-9-12 project. check out the logos. see if you think -- oh, wow. so they are standing in solidarity with the people of the u.k. just like the unions are standing in solidarity with the rioters of the protesters of the revolutionaries in the middle east. hmm. have you noticed that the target of the protesters here are strangely the same? almost everything. the detroit uaw invaded bank of america branch. shut it down for half an hour the other day. that's great. seiu disrupted a business. it's called a bank. yeah. yeah. in pennsylvania. seiu also went to bank executives' homes. this one trapped a young child in the house. and freaked the young boy out. but that's cool to go to
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people's houses. don't you think? really. no. we also learned this weekend that steven lerner the union leader plotting an attack on the stock market hopes to collapse the u.s. economy. jp morgan chase, et cetera, et cetera. he is still employed at seiu. this is something that we said, i didn't want to go out on a limb because i couldn't believe seiu hadn't fired this guy. no. we called them last week, couldn't get an answer. they're not afraid. they don't care. they are taking their mask off. lerner's leftist friend, rathkey, the guy who runs acorn, whatever they call it in the united states -- more on that later -- confirmed the suspicions. lerner has not been fired as they report, meaning me. he was placed on paid leave last fall to think through contributions to the union. he was essentially present at the recent international
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exective board meeting. why don't we call the white house to ask what the president knows about him. it's great. but he is just one on the list of people that want to collapse the system. frances fox piven. i know she is knitting and eating werther originals but she has also called for protest, just like violent protest in greece. the left are encouraging uprisings here in the same way in america. then we have the truly spokey stuff that happened over the weekend. there is new video evidence produced by the iranian regime that says the current unrest in the middle east is a sign that the mahdi or the islamic messiah is about to appear. they are calling this video the coming is near. by the way, this program maintains that he is the opposite, exact opposite of book of revelation. that's not the way that "vanity louis
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farrakhan sees things. he was quoting the book of revelation. louis farrakhan is now saying that america is the great satan or it's now full of demons. you and me. watch. >> america has not dealt with human beings. america has become as john said the habitation of devils. >> glenn: okay. so what happens when you convince one people, or enough people, or what do you say 18 people that america is full of nothing but beasts? remember, anybody who mentions jesus is dangerous. but listen to farrakhan. calling americans demons. i don't know how many were here, but a couple of weeks ago it was in front of 18,000 people. here he is quoting scripture. then you have the new black panther leader this weekend saying this --
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>> you have fallen in this trap, barack obama. you should have listened to louis farrakhan a long time ago, when you were at his table. but you want to follow the white man and the white man's time is up. >> glenn: i'm sure the d.o.j. is not goin to investigate that one. i'm sure nobody on television will talk about violent, vitry yotic rhetoric. no. no. let's see what we have here. we have uprisings in the middle east. we have trade unions and anarchists and uprisings in europe. we have anarchists and unions here at home. and wait a minute, gosh, this is starting to sound familiar. isn't it? then you have the truly evil here and abroad. let's not forget the run of the mill communist party here this weekend with the vice chair of the communist party in america, scott marshal. she was talking about
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wisconsin. he said this. >> i have to tell you in every one of the situations that i've been in, in madison and in indianapolis, there is a radicalization going on among legislatures, democratic legislators that i have never seen in my lifetime and i don't think any of us have. >> glenn: there is something going on. and we have to stop here with the good old fashioned politician. the good old fashioned politician. want in on the fun as well. this is the united states senator. speaking in front of a group on friday. >> the tea party republicans on washington saying they are concerned about the budget balance. but it's a disguise. it's a lie. that is not saying much. they lie. they want other people not to have their own opinion. they don't deserve the constitution.
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-- the freedoms in that are in the constitution. >> glenn: i don't think we can convince any more people. i think it's okay, and how the story ends. i think we need to shore ourselves up. clean out our lives and be decent to each other. keep telling the truth. doesn't all of this look like this? all of it. and beyond. a couple of other things. acorn just landed overseas. egypt, prague, south korea. they dubbed it in prague acorn's comrade club. really? when news of acorn going global, wade rathkey said this over the weekend. glenn beck may have simply
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been ahead of his time no, wade, you just take people at their word. i just listen to people. i don't have an agenda. i look for the truth. i have happen to be a recovering alcoholic and dirt bag. alcoholics say i haven't had a drink -- see, i'm a dirt bag. i take their word seriously. i know when they're bluffing. and when they're telling the truth. ahead of my time. no, i just wish i was a little farther ahead. you would think that the ones on the left would explain to the enemies of man's freedom around the globe that the guys who wear white hats always win in the end. people in hollywood don't know that. they've been spending time to explain to people that people don't, people don't especially wear white hats anymore. there are no, there is nobody.
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everybody wears a white hat. no, not true. it's more and more americans every day making sure their white hat fits.  
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>> glenn: i don't remember when i said it, but i told you there would come a time when the masks would start to come off of the radicals and they would become less and less afraid to admit who they really are and what they were really planning on doing. it's time for you to stand up, because it's not going to get easier. media matters, a political hack front group that we have called that for a long time. we were always called liars, because hillary clinton created it. well, listen to her own words. >> the institution that i helped to start support, media matters, center for american progress. >> glenn: george soros. originally they said their mission was just to correct conservative misinformation in the media. they were just being helpful. now media matters, ceo david brock in a stunning admission said they will focus almost entirely on fox news.
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a couple week ago they had 86 employees and they all have to watch this program and spend the day trying to discredit me. now they have 90 and they're looking to hire more. now they changed their strategy in handling fox. the strategy we had toward fox was basically a strategy of containment. i thought they were just correcting things. containment, that sounds more political than public servicing. they said in an interview, they stepped up their containment. like we're in japan. now it's 'guerilla warfare" and sabotage. i don't think that's legal but i'm not an attorney. something else. the group will focus on the news corp. ceo rupert murdock and trying to disrupt his commercial interest. is that sabotage? whether it be here or looking
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at what is going on in london right now. when i read that, i thought man, disrupt his commercial business. i have heard that before. the guy from seiu. stephen lerner. watch. >> a direct action in a much more concrete way, how we are trying to disrupt or create uncertainty or how it operates. >> glenn: gosh, it's like all of the guys are -- what did i write on the board -- working together against capitalism. disrupt and sabotage. does it sound like a 501c3 to you? i don't know. i think soros skates around some of the laws. by the way, speaking of soros and his money, jewish funds for justice. they took $200,000 from george soros and his open society institute they took it last year. now they claim their mission as a group is "helping people in the united states achieve
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social and economic security by opportunity and investing in healthy neighborhoods, violent community and skillful leaders. " they even have a special fox news campaign now. saying we step up and offer nothing for scape get and demagoguery. they are also creating jobs. the job description, jewish fund for justice seeks creative and motivated interns in new york city. i hope you're motivated. the interns will focus on the solutions, not the scapegoat campaign and report to the senior campaign manager. the intern work will primarily focus on jfsj's campaign to get glenn beck's hateful rhetoric. off of fox news and radio in several cities they're going to disrupt me some more? c'mon, guys. it's not working for you so far, is it?
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man, sometimes you must feel like a -- they continue. this is gaining national attention for accelerating glenn beck's decline. am i in decline? did someone check with a doctor? and promoting positive public discourse. it feels positive so far. this weekend i was in texas. where i got that. the best disguise i ever worn. nobody expects me in a cowboy hat. i was out doing a stage show in texas. i went to the alamo on saturday. my wife had never been. we walked the grounds of davey crockett and colonel travis. tomorrow, -- this has nothing to do with media matters. i mean really. can you imagine having that much money and still years later we're all still, the lights are on. we're doing good. i mean wouldn't you really at
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some point go i'm so depressed? tomorrow, we'll make this about where we are headed. tomorrow, i'm going to issue a challenge. i'm going to draw a line in the sand. but tonight, we'll take a look at israel. next.
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i'm patti ann browne. radiation from japan's crippled nuclear reactor is now contaminating the ground and sea surrounding the crippled plant. crews are finding traces outside the plant. but officials incyst there is no threat to public health. fighting in libya intensified with the allied forces helping rebels hold off muammar gaddafi's momentum. they were moving toward gaddafi's hometown of sirte but they have taken partial
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control of misurata, a key city. the mt. makes a case for the mission in libya tonight. watch it on fox at 7:30 eastern or stream live at glenn beck returns in a moment but first, bret baier previews "special report." >> bret: coming up, preview and analysis of what the president might say in the address about libya today. violence continues in syria and yemen. close look at instability at the rest of the region at the top of the hour. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: the president is finally going to explain himself and explain to america what is happening in libya. it's only nine days after we launched an offensive there. i hope we don't interrupt his golf game or anything. as lucy used to be told by desi, "you've got some explaining to do." i've been saying since the
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trouble broke out in egypt that there is trouble with israel. we have been an ally for 60 years. and i believe there is a chance we're no longer an ally. of course, nobody will ever say that or confirm that. as a dangerous conspiracy theory again. i think israel is set up for a fall. i believe israel is in more danger than anytime in their current world history. that's trouble. i'm sorry, but people need to understand that we don't excuse everything. any country, including us or anybody, we don't ux cuse and stand by them if they're wrong. but when it comes to israel, you've got to be really careful. you don't want to be on the side that loses in the end. you know what i mean? oh, jeez, is that that bible-thumping christian saying all that stuff? yeah, yeah. call me a bible-thumping christian. what do you say we start looking evil in the eye and we say that is evil?
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i want to show you something. look at the people passing out cookies. isn't that gate? giving it to the little old lady. until i tell you they are passing out cookies after the brutal murder of the fogel family in israel. this is like dancing in the streets after 9/11. evil. all right. anyway, right? i mean don't you wish all tests were that easy. that's pretty easy quiz there. evil. look it in the eye. now, a little more complex in libya. but not very much. now here are some new information from sky news. we might actually be arming the libyan rebels with u.s. withs supply. oh, that's good. so who are the rebels? well, story in the "washington examiner" says they are the same people we fought against in iraq and afghanistan. here is the headline. jihadis who fought the u.s. in iraq and afghanistan now enjoy american support in libya. when we say to people we're fighting against, i don't mean groups involved or people who
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shared associations, called them on the phone, i mean the actual people fighting against our u.s. troops in iraq are now being protected by those same u.s. troops in libya. have we all gone insane? according to the article, evidence is emerging that the united states forces are waging war in libya on behalf of rebels whose ranks include jihadis who fought against the u.s. in afghanistan and iraq. britain's daily telegraph reports the leader of the u.s. supported rebel forces in libya went to afghanistan in 2002 to fight against the foreign invasion. that's us, i'm pretty sure. who invaded afghanistan in retaliation for september 11 attacks. the telegraphs said the leader told the italian newspaper he was captured in 2002 in pakistan. he was later handed over to the u.s. where i'm sure we cried and tried to listen about his childhood. and then held him, you know,
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give him over to libya. where we could put him in there and make sure that he gets together with his family and has a decent meal. gosh darnit, we're worried about him. he was released in 2008. another report says he recruited 25 libyan men to fight against the u.s. forces in iraq. does it seem reasonable to anybody? now you might say jeez, now you care about it mr. beck. mr. smarty pants. how come it didn't matter when you helped osama bin laden in afghanistan? we trained him and used the training to kill americans. didn't seem to matter to you. yes, it did and it does. the enemy of my enemy is not my friend. that is our problem. i've been on the record saying that for quite some time. the difference is here however, when we helped bin laden fight against the soviet occupation of afghanistan, we didn't know that he would later, 15, 20 years later turn out to be our actual enemy and blow up the world trade center. in libya, these people were our enemy first.
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and then we helped them. a similar analogy would be something like we were helping al-qaeda now after 9/11. knowing what we know now. oh, wait a minute. that's not an analogy. that's exactly what we're doing. mr. president, why did you slip that one in your speech? because you've got some explaining to do! why don't you address that with the american people tonight. i'm guessing not. 2007 u.s. military report says this about libyan al-qaeda fighters in iraq. "libyan -- libya contributed far more fighters per capita than any other nationality." including saudi arabia. take a look at the graph there. a big one there. that's libya. my number one concern now is our troops. first of all, gee, we're arming and protecting the people who are our enemies. how is that for morale?
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and beyond that, i think our enemy, i think our troops are in trouble. real trouble. they're being set up. now does this tie in to abandoning israel? well, i'll tell you in a second.   
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>> glenn: what we have going on in middle east is incredibly disturbing. i told you about the al-qaeda rebels now supporting libya. now this, the french prime minister is saying that the palestinian state must be created, but just by the end of the year. we also seem to be turning our backs on israel. i think setting them up, actually. we told you last week about
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this global initiative. it's called the responsibility to protect. you need to look this up. this is george soros, cass sunstein's wife. this is all of them wrapped up to one. the responsibility to protect. look it up. please. it promotes sending u.n. troops in to protect anybody who might be having some sort of humanitarian crisis. the world has to act. that's what we're doing in libya. that's why they didn't consult congress. just went with the u.n. and the responseability to protect. well, a lot of people would like to use that for the palestinians against a vicious israelis. vicious israelis. i have to tell you something. has anybody noticed that the israelis have nuclear weapons? i'm pretty sure all of them are unused. they are so vicious. i mean, you think if iran had nuclear weapons is there a single person who believes they wouldn't have used them on israel by now? how about the palestinians? what do you think? what are we protecting the
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palestinian against? check points? people saying hey, don't bomb us? if the canadians were doing that to us, really? seriously? we'd just let them, you know what? come on in our malls. we're not going to frisk you. who is urging the protection of palestinians from the israelis? well, it would have to be the u.n. inspector richard falk. this guy is a peach. you'll love him. this guy, this guy compared the israelis to the nazis. i thought that was a no-no. in 2007, faulk said, "it's an irresponsibility overstatement to associate the treatment of the palestinians with the criminalized nazi record of collective atrocity." no, i think not, he said. faulk regret that? it's insane and wreckless. no. no. he went on later to say this. >> the kinds of collective
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punishment that are being imposed on the entire people of gaza have a resemblance to collective punishment that was imposed by the nazis. in germany. and that if this is kind of circumstance is allowed to persist, it could produce a holocaust. >> glenn: okay. for the palestinians, falk says, "protective action must be taken immediately to offset the persisting and wide ranging violations of the fundamental human right, the life. in view of the merge situation that's producing a humanitarian catastrophe that is unfolding day-by-da" well, gee. normally i'd say this guy was just a clown. no, no. that clown saying those words could trigger the
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responsibility to protect act. isn't it great? as much trouble as we're seeing in the middle east, believe me, as it becomes more and more contagious and the left takes their mask off more and more, and the radical islamists become more and more emboldened, you're going to see things unfold that you'd never, you never would have believed in your lifetime. it's a sunday afternoon drive in the park listening to a kenny g. cd compared to what will happen if the islamists are allowed to turn their wrath on israel. according to the "new york times," "the muslim brotherhood an islamist group once banned by the state is at the forefront. transformed to a tactic partner with the military government that many fear will fort fundamental changes." they fear that? i didn't hear it before. now they're a tacit partner. america, good news.
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good news. it's clear to anybody who wants to see it, eyes or ears to hear it, if it is clear to you, all you need to do is make sure that you are standing on the right side. make sure that you are praying for the enemies not yelling out in anger. make sure that you are connecting with others. make sure that you prepare to take care of others. make sure you are prepared to be a person with the anxiouss. the your -- be a person with the answers. do your own homework. the world is becoming a place we haven't seen in a long time. the difference i think between plunging it into darkness and man still retaining freedom. will be you. i know how it ends. i have faith in you. i know what happens if you become the person you were
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born to be, not the person you are allowed to be. do you have that much faith in you?
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>> glenn: well, last week we told you about stephen lerner, you know, seiu, his plot to take down the u.s. economy, destroy the stock market. yada, yada, yada. who doesn't have that plan? now he has come out bragging about his plan. oh, check it out at we found out a couple of interesting things over the weekend. you know who trained lerner and his great organizing skills? the same guy who mentored cesar chavez. here he is with socialist delores juerta right there, also a friend of lerner. lerner trained under ross when he taught workers to boycott at the united farm workers of america, founded by huerta in the 1970s. here is what you need to know. trouble, america. union members, it's time for you the stand up. and have no fear. december side what is important to you and what is not important to you. is your country more important than your job? i know jobs are tough
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is your country more important? we showed you earlier, last week, the union workers in detroit, protesting bank of america to try to force it to shut down. this isn't the first time. tomorrow national people's action is calling for people to flood the attorney general's office with phone calls to demand the attorney general stand with the homeowners and not big bank to investigate foreclosure practices. i don't think union members want to destroy america, but if you stay silent you will have the same effect. more on this tomorrow.
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TOPIC FREQUENCY America 20, Libya 20, U.s. 14, Israel 11, Iraq 8, Afghanistan 8, Us 7, Seiu 6, Lerner 5, United States 5, Glenn Beck 4, Yemen 4, Europe 4, Egypt 3, U.n. 3, Yada 3, George Soros 3, Glenn 3, Farrakhan 3, Soros 2
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